The core concept of base build, also known as SHELL or Core Construction, is that the construction is simply the basic structure of a building. Afterward, a range of build-out and interior construction work is completed before the building is occupied.

Depending on the purpose of the building and the contractor, there are different types of construction materials that are used to build the shell, including metal, stone, concrete, and wood.

What does SHELL involve ?

  • Stem Wall Footings
  • Pile Caps
  • Structural Beams
  • Foundation / Slab
  • Concrete or Masonry Walls
  • Roof Carpentry
  • Reinforcing Steel
  • Interior Bearing Walls
  • Retaining / Privacy Walls


Part of the SHELL work, Concrete Pumping is a key element in large concrete projects, the use of several pumps on a project is common. Pumps are normally rented or leased from specific suppliers BUT we decided to make the investment to stay closer from our clients and manage the construction as it should.
We take care of the coordination of concrete material to the jobsite.

The proper number of trucks must be on the site to allow continuous pumping, once started, without any interruption, yet the trucks cannot remain waiting for more than the allowed time as specified within the project specifications. Our concrete pumping division will manage a proper coordination when pumping concrete is critical to the success of the operation.


From architectural pre-design and value engineering through all phases of construction, we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure the quality of our construction.

While every home is different, our commitment scope of work maintains constant, providing services that are necessary for the successful construction of our customers “DREAM HOME.”